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Updated Apple iOS Security Guide

 20 Mai 2015 09:10:10
You want to know more details, how Apple iOS security works?

Check out the updated iOS Security Guide.

Image:Updated Apple iOS Security Guide

55 pages worth reading:  Download Apple iOS Security Guide

Traveler - Issues processing MIME mails

 7 Mai 2015 14:58:47
During the last two days a few of our customers told me, that they are having issues after updating Traveler to the latest version

IBM already send a non official Hotfix Build Level 201505011235_30 to one of my customers, which solved the issues.

 FIX LIST for Hotfix Build Level 201505011235_30:

 - All of the APARs included in plus
 - LO84747 - Some Mime Audio/Wav files are not getting synched to the device correctly
 - LO84790 - ParseException: Expected ';', got  "xxxx" on malformed mime content type.
 - LO84792 - Email on Verse client has zero byte attachment called ./alternative
 - LO84845 - Large mime email bodies with extended ascii characters are not readable

If you are seeing the same issues, then you should open a PMR and request the Hotfix.

Traveler & Telefonnotizen

 4 Mai 2015 11:15:36
Unter IBM Notes gibt es die sinnvolle, aber leider sehr versteckte Funktion (Create/Special/Phone Message), der Telefonnotizen.

Traveler verarbeitet schon seit der Version 8.5.2 Telefonnotizen, welche als "normale" Mail auf dem Endgerät angezeigt werden.

Unter bestimmten Umständen kann es aber passieren, das keine Notizen Übertragen werden. In der Regel sollte man dann aber auf der Server Konsole folgende Meldungen finden:
Error validating execution rights for agent 'wMemoOpen' in database 'mail-server/mycompany mail\xyz.nsf'. Agent signer 'my-signer/mycompany', effective user 'traveler-server/mycompany'. Users without rights to sign 'On Behalf' agents cannot sign agents that run as web user unless web user is agent signer

Error validating execution rights for agent 'wMemoOpen' in database 'mail-server/mycompany mail\xyz.nsf'. Agent signer 'my-signer/mycompany', effective user 'traveler-server/mycompany'. Agent signer, 'my-signer/mycompany', does not have access to this server.

Die Meldungen sagen eigentlich schon, wo das Problem liegt:

Bei der Verarbeitung der Telefonnotiz führt der Traveler Server den Agenten wMemoOpen aus der Mail-Datenbank des Benutzers aus. Der Agent bzw. die Mail-Datenbank (oder besser das verwendete Mail-Template) ist in diesem Fall mit der Server-ID oder einer speziellen Entwickler-Signatur signiert worden und verwendet nicht mehr die Default IBM Signatur.  

Die Lösung ist ganz einfach: Auf dem Traveler Server muß der Agent Signer auch das Recht "Sign on Behalf of" haben. Zu finden im Server-Dokument unter Security / Prog. Restrictions.

Dann tun es auch die Telefonnotizen in Kombination mit Traveler  ;-)



 1 Mai 2015 16:57:29
... Die Apple Watch ist nicht die erste Smartwatch, nicht der erste smarte Fitness-Tracker. Aber sie macht alles richtig. Sie ist in erster Linie eine Uhr. Eine sehr smarte Uhr. Damit wird sie die Uhren-Branche kräftig wachrütteln. Ich würde derzeit nicht in Aktien der Swatch-Gruppe investieren. ...

Unbedingt hier weiterlesen: Das Kluge Blog

Ich muß leider noch 2 Wochen warten, bis ich meine am 10.04. bestellte Apple Watch ums Handgelenk schnallen kann :-(

IBM Verse for iOS app - Available in AppStore

 29 April 2015 23:42:38
IBM Verse for Apple devices is available on the iTunes app store.

Image:IBM Verse for iOS app - Available in AppStore

You can download it and start using it to:

       •        See mail from people important to you
       •        Set people you interact with often as Important
       •        Manage items that need follow up
       •        Track who owes you a response and when
       •        Work with your calendar seamlessly
       •        Interact with all of your contacts

The App can be used to access IBM SmartCloud ConnectionsCloud or Traveler On-Premise environments.

Requirement: Your Traveler Server must be running the latest Traveler Release ( or better

IBM Verse for Apple devices is an IBM created mobile app for iOS, and is available on the Apple app store. However, you can continue to use IBM Traveler with the built-in Apple provided mail, calendar, and contacts apps on your iOS device, along with the IBM Traveler To Do and Companion apps.

You wanted a container app for mail, contacts and calendar - now you got a container app from IBM!

IBM published an FAQ as part of the Traveler Documentation:!/SSYRPW_9.0.1/iOSVerseIntro.html

New pubnames.ntf available with IBM Verse Security Tab of Traveler policy settings

 29 April 2015 20:19:16
With the release of the IBM Verse for iOS app, you would like a way to control the security settings of the IBM Verse client.
It is important to be able to assign different settings on a user or group level. You can do this by using Domino policy Traveler settings.

But the current Domino Directory Template does not have a tab for IBM Verse under Preferences -> Security Settings -> Apple tab of an IBM Traveler Settings policy document.

Today IBM released a modified versions of the 9.0.1 pubnames.ntf, that include Security Setting tabs for IBM Verse are available for English and French languages. Full localization, or availability in all languages, will be provided in a future Domino 9.x Maintenance Release.

Template and more details can be found here:

IBM Notes Traveler released - get ready for the IBM Verse App

 29 April 2015 11:04:22
IBM released the IBM Notes Traveler today.

This release is required, if you want to give the new IBM Verse for iOS App a try.
If you are running a release < it is worth to update, because introduced Trash sync for iOS.

Check out the IBM Wiki Entry: What's new in IBM Notes Traveler will include a fix for the issue "Server may crash processing a Mime document with invalid format." slipped in with

The Fixlist:
APAR # Component Abstract
LO84142 Android Delay in displaying name lookup results from compose dialog.
LO84220 Server Change default for number of corporate lookup results from 30 to 120 results.
LO84239 Android Search e-mail on Android Tablet may display results from wrong e-mail.
LO84410 Server Incorrect language used when processing multiple calendar notices.
LO84334 Server Decline notice from device is not compatible with Exchange Server.
LO84316 Android Android client crash on old 2.x OS devices.
LO84411 Server Mime format calendar entries may not display special characters correctly.
LO84490 Android Send mail gets stuck in Outbox if the user is over quota.
LO84505 Server Server may crash processing a Mime document with invalid format.
LO84520 Android Imported calendars on Android device may not update unless there is Traveler Calendar update.
LO84555 Server Server busy message sent to the device may be misleading as to cause.
LO84568 Server Pre-approval and delete API may fail if orphan records encountered.
LO84569 Server Server performance issue related to HTTP getStatus request.
LO84597 Server E-mail using Delivery failure form may not sync full body to mobile device.
LO84660 Server Plain text conversion is adding extra space for div html tag.
LO84662 Server Mime format document with both plain and html text may not sync the plain text to the mobile device.
LO84663 Server Android may stop syncing mail after encountering a malformed Mime format document.
LO84665 Server Embedded images with name mime.jpg will not sync to mobile device.
LO84684 Server Change to device security settings may not sync immediately to BB and Windows devices.
LO84686 Server User stops receiving mail for couple hours if all mail replicas restarted in close proximity.
LO84723 Server No invitee status displayed for meetings created from Android client.

Download via Fix Central here

Wait with your upgrade to Traveler if you are OS is Windows

 3 April 2015 20:29:50
It looks like there is an issue, when you upgrade your Traveler Server running on Windows 2008 R2 to the latest Release.

After the upgrade your Traveler Server may crash and restart every few minutes.

One of our customers called me today and other members of the community reported this issue, too.
At the moment it looks like only system are hit, which are been upgraded from Windows 2008 R2 & Traveler 9.0.1 HF241. Other hot fix levels may be in-scope, but unreported and uncertain currently.

So you should wait with your update until this is resolved.

IBM support is already looking at it and we are waiting for a response.

Update 08.04.2015:  Today IBM published an APAR Document:

Error description

The customer is seeing repeating crashes of IBM Traveler These repeating crashes happen on mime documents that
has an invalid or missing RFC822 header name.

The workaround is to add the notes.ini parameter until this APAR
is applied


Local fix

The workaround is to add the notes.ini parameter until this APAR
is applied


Temporary fix

A Hot Fix is available for this for IBM Traveler upon request.  
This fix will also be included in IBM Traveler with target delivery at end of April 2015 and any future release beyond

So as a conclusion - I would wait with further Traveler updates until end of April, when the fix will be available.
If you had already updated your system, check with tell traveler config the setting NTS_MIME_NATIVE_PROCESSING.

    Traveler available bringing IBM Verse App - Google Cloud Messaging - Busytime Lookup - Trash-Sync

     1 April 2015 10:37:23
    Today IBM released the new version of IBM Notes Traveler.

    It is not a only a fix but more a feature release.

    The new features are:

    IBM Verse for iOS client support

    If you are part of the IBM Verse for Apple iOS program, you can connect the IBM Verse app to this version of the IBM Traveler server. There are some differences in functionality when the IBM Verse app connects to this on premises version of IBM Traveler versus when it connects to Connections Cloud.

    More details in a few days in an additional post, when the Verse App will be available.

    Trash folder syncing

    Support for the syncing of the Trash folder is now available in the client. However, it is dependent on the IBM Traveler server also providing this support. When the client is running against a server that supports Trash, a Trash folder will appear in IBM Traveler Mail. Deleted items will appear in the Trash folder and may be restored or permanently deleted from the Trash folder.

    Invitee status

    As the meeting organizer or chairperson, you now can see the response status for the attendees of your meeting on your mobile device.

    Google Cloud Messaging support for IBM Traveler for Android clients

    This version of the IBM Traveler server can now use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for real time push notifications to keep your Mail, Calendar, Contact and To Do data on your IBM Traveler for Android clients up to date.

    Using GCM can greatly improve the battery life of Android devices using IBM Traveler, as IBM Traveler no longer needs to stay constantly connected via HTTP to the IBM Traveler server for push notifications.

    To use GCM - you must enable the Traveler server to initiate outbound HTTPS connections to the Google GCM Gateway on your firewall.

    So I would recommend to upgrade your servers to this new release because of the new features and the longer fixlist.

    Details Whats New: here

    Fixlist: here

    Download via Fix Central here

    What are IBM’s plans surrounding IBM HTTP Server (IHS) support in Domino?

     13 März 2015 16:50:47
    A simple question and a simple answer.  It's official dead.


    What are IBM's plans surrounding IBM HTTP Server (IHS) support in Domino?


    IBM plans to remove support for IBM HTTP Server (IHS) in a future Domino maintenance release now that native Domino TLS functionality has been added to the product. IBM HTTP Server proved a good solution for Domino customers who needed better security functionality over the native Domino HTTP protocol on a Windows server platform. However, that solution is limited in scope since it covers only HTTPS and Windows.

    With native implementation of TLS 1.0, as detailed in technote 1687167, Domino support of IBM HTTP Server is no longer needed. The native implementation is better since it covers all platforms and a broader set of protocols beyond HTTP.

    via IBM Technote: